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Polysomnography in Roma


Cardio-respiratory polysomnography, also known as polygraphy or polysomnogram, is a cardio-respiratory monitoring for the detection of sleep apnea and snoring by measuring thoracic effort by inductive plethysmography with thoracic-abdominal bands, F.C., SpO2, position sensor, environmental microphone and nasal cannula.

What is it for?

The examination is used to diagnose the presence, severity and type of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). It is a pathology for which during sleep you go into apnea, that is, you stop breathing unconsciously for more or less prolonged periods. It compromises the quality of sleep and therefore greatly degrades the quality of life. It causes drowsiness, fatigue and even sleep attacks and can cause very serious health problems for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is estimated that about 2 million Italians suffer from it, many of them undiagnosed.